Digital Cards for online therapy

A wealth of online tools for remote therapy and for work in the clinic. Suitable for all mental health professionals, psychologists, social workers, counsellors and therapists.

We have also develped a unique system of using industry standard questionnaires in a playful visual format.  Click here for details.

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How do you use personal value card sorting?

Using the values decks (available in English, Spanish and Hebrew) therapists can help patients clarify explore their values,  using the bull's eye methodology visualise how present their values in their lives and even combine with other decks to help understand how lining with their vales may feel.
The personal value cards sort activity is a research validated method. 

Do you have cards for trauma or anxiety?

The See Far CBT + BASIC PH decks (resources and trauma cards) include hand painted images that can be used according the proven protocol developed by Prof. Mooli Lahad & Micki Doron.
Online picture cards for therapy can used for a variety of other therapeutic approaches such as cognitive diffusion (ACT), schema therapy or even identifying Jungean archetypes. 

Do you have online cards for working with children? 

Absolutely. The emotion cards for therapy deck is highly suited for working with children including various facial expressions, emojis and descriptive terms.
The animals decks is highly popular with younger children and the nature deck is suited for all ages.
In general, we have found that children find it very easy to relate to online picture cards for therapy.

What types of metaphoric cards can I use?

Metaphoric cards for online therapy with inspiring photos, the nature deck which can be used for eco-therapy, animals, and the incredible hand-painted cards in the See Far CBT decks.

Can I work with groups?

Invite guests to an online group session in which all participants view the same screen and can all fully participate. Every movement is mirrored to all, every user can use the cards and even add their own images to the background which will be shared with the group.  

What other features are there?

Save sessions to continue from whre you left. Upload your own images to use as backgrounds, mix decks, change playing area background, absolute control over cards and playing area. spread and collect all cards. Flip all the cards, hold cards to use and more...

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Picture cards for online therapy

 Online tools for mental health professionals looking to take remote sessions to the next level.