Online coaching cards for professionals 

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Online coaching cards for professionals

Digi Card Therapy offers effective tools for facilitating personal development, increased awareness and focus on internal work processes in a dynamic and playful way. The site combines tools, ideas and different ways of working with a vairiety of different coaching cards. The available cards decks include personal values, inspiring quotes, meaningful questions, metaphoric pictures and many more.
Digi Card Therapy was developed for remote work using platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and all other video conferencing software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to register?

Absolutely not! All you need to do is fill in your email, choose a username and password - and try it out!

Can I work with a few clients  in the same session?

You may invite as many clients as you want to each session, although we recommend limiting to about 8 particpants. All guest in a session have full control of the cards, can even add there own backgrounds - and everything is synced! 

Do I need to follow a specific session structure?

You use our cards exactly as you would physical coaching cards.  You have complete control over your online session, except that there are many advantages to the online cards. You can continue each session from exactly the place you left it, filed per client, access a deck of cards in seconds and even easily mix decks.

What kind of activites are posible?

To be honest, as our decks are incredibly flexible, the sky is the limit! Build with your clients a vision board, personal values sort, examine limiting beliefs, expose difficult emotions, work on strengths, help determine and focus which area of life they would like to improve.  

Coaching cards are highly suitable for developing soft skills and self-awareness - which is frequently cited as one of the key skills fo r modern leaders.

Using coaching cards during online sessions can help bring sessions to life, engage your clients and create a sense of continuity between sessions.

Click here to try now -  7 day free trial